Lena Blank

Very pleased to meet you!

My name is Lena Blank and I am an art therapist (M.A.) and trauma informed embodiment coach based in Bonn, Germany.


I  create loving, inspiring spaces for people to connect to themselves on a deeper level. In safe spaces emotions that are stored in our bodies can surface and be expressed. The nervous system can return to a balanced, receptive state, where creativity flows with ease. These processes support emotional growth, increase social intelligence and play an important role in health care (preventive and aftercare) . All of my offerings are different starting points to land in the same state of inner connection and peace. 


For 3 years I was employed at a psychosomatic day clinic for children and teenagers, where I offered art therapy in 1on1 sessions and small groups. Also I provided art therapy in palliative care with family members of, and palliative patients themselves. Having a bachelors degree in English and arts, I am able to offer creative spaces in English and German language and am open for international connections.


In a difficult time of my life, I discovered one of my biggest ressources and love: devotional singing. Reviewing what is really nourishing and valuable to me, I took all my courage to follow my hearts calling to Sweden, to bathe in the songs that touched my heart to an indescribable depth. After a few years of learning, unfolding, growing and listening, I  surprisingly held singing circles for yoga teacher trainings and retreat groups myself.


I am continuing on my path to explore the depth of my heart, humanness and creative power and I would love to share with you the pearls of it. Embodiment, mantras, yoga, and vedanta have become pillars in my life I feel deepest gratitude for.