Devi Coaching

Welcome to your blooming process of embodying your empowered, free and magnetic self!

In this Devi coaching I offer you the tools of visualization, meditation, breathwork, inner child work, embodiment,  five sense rituals and mantras to help you see yourself in a loving, compassionate way, gain clarity on your desires and to take somatic integrated actions towards your goal.


This offering is for you if you are ready
  • to commit time for yoursef
  • to welcome change
  • to listen to your innate wisdom and hearts calling
> The coaching takes place in a time frame of approx. 1h15 mins.
> You can book single sessions or a package of 3, 5 or 7 sessions.
> It can be online or in person
I recommend for you to have free time after the coaching, for you to integrate your journey.


Let’s connect in a free discovery call and see if we want to walk that path together.

What DEVI stands for

she who shines, who understands you and is always there for you, she who loves you unconditionally.
We all know the love for a child, our beloved, a good friend or an animal. We can extend that love towards everything in life, also to ourselves. Self Love is something many of us have to learn. Only out of a nourished self can we give authentically to others. Only out of a nourished self can we see the incredible beauty in ourselves and around us, and that everything that is here has been given by grace.
When there is a loving connection to yourself, you can express your love, gratitude and reverence for life freely through words, actions and creations, small or big.
Embodiment describes the ability to be present in your body. Bringing awareness to your felt sense by breathing, moving, sounding and then voicing your feelings so they can arise from unconscious- to consciousness.


Empowerment refers to the ability to take full ownership over your thoughts, emotions and actions. It means bringing consciousness to your thoughts so you can discover where you might have given your power away.
Maybe you have projected your well being on something outside of yourself:

when I am with this person, i am happy, loveable…when I have achieved this degree, i am successful/ I can rest.

By creating loving connections to the parts that feel unlovable, unhappy, guilty, ashamed or maybe like they have failed, you may discover you are the one to give yourself all the love, attention, and cheering you might be craving and longing for.
You are free, strong and open to receive love.
Vibrancy refers to the relationship to your own sexuality. Maybe you feel numb, unsafe, afraid or ashamed in expressing your sexuality. Maybe you are afraid of being too much or too less. There are endless judgments on female bodies and sexuality. This has been, and still is, a tool for surpressing women all over the world.


You can claim your sexual power, which is the most sacred gift on this planet and has been used for healing, creativity and manifestation over thousand of years.
Vedanta is a non dualistic hinduistic philosophy revealing to you you are the whole universe and you are a free being having a human experience. Vedanta, as one of many options, can help us to step out of the cycle of becoming:


I have to accomplish that in order to feel worthy. I have to learn, change, achieve, help…in order to be good.

If you would truly know that you are whole and complete right now, how would your life look like?
We can make decisions out of abundance instead out of fear. Vedanta shows us we don’t have to do anything, we have to know ourselves.
Reflecting on what is really valuable for yourself in your life. This helps to live a life of purpose and with a clear direction, so you can invite more happiness and peace into your world.