Mantra Singing Circles

Connecting Through Music

Coming from the yogic tradition, in a mantra singing circle or Kirtan we sit together singing Sanskrit and English mantras. Often in the form of a repetitive call and respond chant.


mantra is Sanskrit, and composed from the syllable man – which means mind and tra– meaning wave. So mantra can be translated as wave of the mind.


With the guitar I guide you through an intuitive journey of soundwaves, that clear your bodies energy chanels, also called ‘nadis’.


It can be a very empowering experience to express from your heart and soul instead of your intellect. Singing mantras can help you find your authentic voice, guide you in a transcendent, meditative state and may give you a sense of purpose and belonging.


Usually this happens in a time frame of approximately 1,5hours. It can be adopted to the environment it takes place.
I have played kirtan in groups of friends and families at their living room, in women circles, yoga teacher trainings and yoga retreats.


There are singing circles happening regularly in Bonn, and it is also possible to have it in your own home. Reach out to know more.