Art Therapy

Experience Creative Flow!

In an art therapy session I hold space and guide you through your individual creative process. This may include a clarifying talk and body scan mediation to help you connect to your source of creative power and find your authentic expression from within.


Materials to be used can be acrylic paint on paper/canvas, watercolours, oil crayons, graphite pencils, body paint or clay. If you feel unclear of what material calls you, i may recommend you according to your daily mental and physical constitution.


Art therapy is great to connect to your unconscious and unfold your full potential. It often brings a lot of joy, you may discover new sides of your personality, integrate challenging past experiences, align with your true nature and find a healthy balance within.


Art therapy is for everyone: young and old, men and women. I have 3 years experience in offering art therapy for children and teenagers, created Workshops for adults and also worked with cancer patients in palliative care.


Art therapy can happen online, or face to face, 1 on 1 or in a group setting.