Art and Creativity belongs to everyone of us

Discover your individual beauty
Singing Circle


Coming from the yogic tradition, in a mantra singing circle or Kirtan we sit together singing Sanskrit and English mantras.

Women Circles


A woman circle is a space where we listen to each other, support each other, shine our light and speak our truth.

Devi Coaching


Welcome to your blooming process of embodying your vibrant, free and magnetic self. 



Art therapy


Connect to your creative source and finnd your authentic expression

I  love to offer you a space full of joy, ease, peace and safety, so you can bath in your essence:  your loving nature.
As an art therapist and embodiment coach I am here to guide you in finding your individual expression.
Be very welcome to connect with me for any questions you have and feel mostly welcome in any of my offerings on- and offline.
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